Fancy Ingredients for Focals and Sculptural Beads @Studio 19 February 2014

I’m Teaching a class at Diana East’s wonderful Studio 19, Leicester in February. We’ll be playing making our own fancy ingredients like shards and wig wags, and then on Day 2, we will be sculpting, making owls, fish and more!

Venue : Studio 19, The Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4NQ 07773226123
Dates : Feb 8th & 9th 2014 (Sat & Sun)
Costs: 1 Day £145 – Both Days : £250
Deposit : £50 ( £25 non refundable admin charge )
Balance : Due 11th Jan 2014

Building blocks for focal & sculptural beads
Tips, techniques and methods for creating your own individual style, to let out your inner bead artist!
Both of these days together will form a springboard for you to experiment and take further on your own personal bead journey, lots of different ideas to try, and many ways for you to make it your own! We will be using 104 coe glass. Suitable for the intermediate lampworker, looking to improve but lampworkers with less experience and plenty of enthusiasm can learn lots too.

Day 1- Fancy ingredients for Focals
Focus on focals!
As well as some silver glass and also some silver foil, we will look at other special ingredients to layer in your beads,
so we will be making and applying

-Silvered ivory shards as well as other fun recipes
-Goldstone stringer & variations of these.

Creating beautifully shaped beads using marvering techniques as well as mashers, paying extra attention to getting good bead holes and keeping them, working with beads that are on the larger side, (though not too big, you’re meant to be learning, not spending the time just melting enough glass!)

The idea behind this day is to show you lots of different ‘ingredients’ that can be used any number of ways, and mixed with any of your own personal favourite ingredients, to produce something that is your own.

Day 1 - fancy ingredients
Day 1 – fancy ingredients

Day 2- Sculptural beads day
To start off we will make some beads which will show you a number of useful sculptural elements, and that can be adapted a number of different ways
chickens, owls & fish, including different fin types, eyes, ears, tool variations, refining details, different orientations on the mandrel, heat control.

The next part of the class we will work on something of your own choosing, to your own design

There will be some drawing involved in the sculptural day, but don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be good! We will be exploring ideas from paper to mandrel and designing sculptural beads that you can actually use (or completely impractical beads for display only if thats what you want!)
bring some source pictures of animal/s (or something else within reason) that you are interested in translating into a bead.

The emphasis of this class is more about how to think sculpturally, to make beads that are truly your own, not just a bit of a variation on something someone already makes

Day 2 - sculptural
Day 2 – sculptural

Glass Bundles will be available to purchase on the day, however if you have your own or would prefer to bring what you have I will send out a tool / glass requirements list nearer the time.


If booking accommodation please make sure you can cancel if due to lack of numbers this class is cancelled. It will run with a minimum of 5 Students per day.

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